Small space. Big thoughts. Where to begin?

Family-for-websiteI’m April. I own Pink Apothecary. I’m a single mother of two boys, which means my life is running at a pace I was not born to keep. Whew!

I make products. I make things my boys and I use. Much to my astonishment, other people started offering me money for the things I was making; our livelihood was born. Don’t worry, they aren’t made in my kitchen anymore! Life is full of surprises.

I feel a little dead inside if I’m not testing a new product, learning something new, or managing a DIY project. I have to create. That innate desire means I read a lot. After college, I got my esthetic license; after my youngest son was born, I pursued aromatherapy. I can say with certainty, that list will continue to grow. Oddly, everything I’ve learned thus far is perfectly suited for a time such as this.

Pink Apothecary was born from a childhood dream. I have been infatuated with products since the very first time I dipped my fingers into my grandma’s cold cream. As an adult, my dream has grown. I envision a future for Pink Apothecary that involves utilizing consumable products as a fundraising tool for ministries and parochial schools. I’m tired of buying cookie dough and magazines during our yearly fundraisers, aren’t you?

The goals:

  • Healthy, organic formulas – THAT WORK.
  • Stylish packaging that is worthy of your countertop.
  • Repeat sales throughout the year, which will provide a steady stream of income for the schools and ministries we support.

Call me crazy, but I think this is doable! We appreciate your business more than you know because our dreams for this little site are about far more than one family’s income.