Small space. Big thoughts. Where to begin?

Family-for-websiteI’m April. I own Pink Apothecary. I’m a single mother of two boys, which means my life is running at a pace I was not born to keep. My exhausted nightly prayers involve me shaking my head with a smile, wondering how on earth I managed to survive another day. The Lord has a sense of humor—this, I know for sure.

I make products. I make things my boys and I use. Much to my astonishment, other people started offering me money for the things I was making; our livelihood was born. Don’t worry, they aren’t made in my kitchen anymore! Life is full of surprises.

I feel a little dead inside if I’m not testing a new product, learning something new, or managing a DIY project. I have to create. That innate desire means I read a lot. After college, I got my esthetic license; after my youngest son was born, I pursued aromatherapy. I can say with certainty, that list will continue to grow. Oddly, everything I’ve learned thus far is perfectly suited for a time such as this.

Pink Apothecary was born from a childhood dream. I have been infatuated with products since the very first time I dipped my fingers into my grandma’s cold cream…heavenly curiosity was born. As an adult, my dream has grown. It’s now bigger than me, and I know others will need to become involved in order to see my dream come to fruition. Products we consume on a daily basis carry great fundraising potential for ministries, churches and parochial schools. Pink Apothecary is dreaming up healthy formulas for hand soaps, counter top sprays, skin care and so much more. I wonder: What would happen if $3 from EVERY product purchased funded a ministry? We already buy these products. I’m not a Walmart-hater, but I really like the idea of putting my money towards Kingdom purposes. I see a day when churches and ministries will have the funds they need to care for those less fortunate, both here and abroad. I see a day when handouts from the government aren’t necessary because the body of Christ has the funding it needs to give a “handup” instead. I see an end to a generational cycle of poverty, and I see an escape for those who feel trapped in a cycle of abuse. This dream keeps me up at night, and makes me excited to start my day. Will you dream with me? In the upcoming years, we will be transforming as a company, and I would love for you to be here as the transformation takes place.

I will share what I’m reading and learning with you through our blog. I’m an esthetician by trade, so topics affecting your skin will inevitably end up in the blog, but that is not all it is limited to. Life is meant to be lived abundantly – let’s enjoy some of it together!

So…Stay. Shop. Love.